OurEco Home follows a ‘back to basics’ cleaning process to make light work of keeping your home hygienically clean and smelling fresh. Some key Components are:

Microfibre Cloths are essential: 

Our key cleaning concept is the use of microfibre cloths to dry off all hard surfaces in the house when cleaning.  This leaves your surfaces cleaner longer, smelling fresh and prevents the growth of bacteria by having a dry surface where bacteria can’t breed.

Essential oils are Essential: 

Essential Oils are used in all of our products. Unlike the standard chemically derived fragrances in most household cleaning products, the essential oils offer antibacterial & anti-fungal benefits giving a longer lasting natural smell in your home.

No sulfates and parabens are essential

Our Products do not contain chemically derived sulfates and parabens.  These modern additives to make cleaning products “froth” so that it appears to clean and doesn’t actually add to the cleaning process at all. They are harmful to your health and should be avoided when selecting cleaning products.

Natural ingredients like bi-carb and soap flakes are essential: 

Our products have been formulated from natural ingredients that have been proven to work for hundreds of years that aren’t harmful to your health and actually clean.  The natural cleaning benefits of bi-carbonate soda have been know for over 100 years.  We have simply packaged it into a ready to use paste to be used throughout the house.  Soap flakes which are used as the base for our Gel’s provides the natural cleaning agent which isn’t harmful to your health and actually cleans the desired surface.