In the sub-tropical rainforests of Queensland, stretching from Mackay to Brisbane, a remarkable plant grows. It pops the air with delightful lemon that stops bushwalkers from their determined walks. You can’t help but take in deep breaths around it.

Lemon Myrtle is native to Queensland and has grown up to withstand our rugged climate and terrain. As well as perfuming the forest, it’s also highly effective against bacteria, viruses and fungi. And unlike harsh synthetic cleaners, it leaves an uplifting aroma. You find yourself transported back into the bush.  Chefs now weave it into muffins and pastas to make them more comforting. What we’d like to ask is that you give it a try to clean your home.

The Foundation of Our Range

Our range of products are built on the cleaning, mood-raising power of Lemon Myrtle. We have created a carefully blended collection that is alcohol free, entirely plant based, not tested on animals, responsibly sourced, and delivered in recyclable PET bottles that are made in Australia. It’s the best choice for families that want to make cleaning effective, easy and non-allergenic. If you would like to look after your health, your family, and the environment, it makes the most sense.

We know it can be hard to break an old cleaning routine. You might be used to cleaning with the same synthetic cleaners you have been using for years.  We would like to say though, that your time, your mood and your health are precious. OurEco Clean has been prepared and packaged in such a way that you only dispense what you need to clean your home, so you can do it quickly. And in these times where we are all more worried about home hygiene, it’s a trustworthy ally. With thousands of years of experience under its belt in healing and cuisine, we know you will enjoy using Lemon Myrtle much more than standard cleaning products.

From air-fresheners to multi-purpose sprays, toilet bowl cleaners to floor cleaners and more, we have devised specialist products for each cleaning situation you will encounter.

Lemon Myrtle oil has the highest citral purity, eclipsing all other species including lemon verbena and lemongrass. This makes it the most potent and best-value ingredient for cleaning your home.

So, back to that bushwalk. You might not have time for a weekend away, but let’s bring some of that natural forest aroma into your home. Find out more about our unique range in our SHOP.