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Who knew cleaning could be SO ADDICTIVE?”

I just wanted to let you know that I have purchased your floor cleaner and used it on my terracotta tile. It is a big area and I have never found a product which has done a great job previously. The eco cleaner is fantastic. No harmful chemicals and the dirt just lifted straight off. The floor looks so much better and I have no concerns about my 10-week-old puppy chasing the mop round and round. I won’t be going back to any supermarket products from now on. Thanks so much.


Hi Kym, I just wanted to write and say THANK YOU! I have just purchased my first Our Eco Home product (the lemon myrtle multipurpose spray) from my local IGA and it is fantastic. The fact that it has no nasties, the beautiful scent of Lemon Myrtle and best of all it works!! I have been a ‘vinegar and bicarb’ user for years and have bought several ‘natural cleaning products’ over the years but I have never loved any like yours, I am hooked! I am looking forward to using more of your range especially the wood polish. I am spreading the word, I wish you all the success in the future.


I’m not much of a duster (I was forced to polish vast areas of wood panelling and banisters as a child)… BUT we have lots of wood in our house and I do like to show it some love occasionally. This timber oil from Our Eco Clean was amazing…. It brought out the grain of the wood beautifully and gave it a subtle glow (not a fake shine). It smelled great too – that would be the lemon myrtle essential oil. This neat little product is definitely worth a try if you have natural wood surfaces to take care of – highly recommend!!


I was so thrilled and excited to receive the Cleaning Kit!!!  I’ve now used the Floor Cleaner which worked really well and the Multi-Purpose Spray for my glass splashback which I will now continue to use.  I’m going to do as you suggested and continue to use the Mould Cleaner weekly in the bathrooms, and I love the Air Fresheners.  Happy to be using products without chemicals and everything smells divine!!!  Thank you so much


Your products are so awesome. As you can see in the background of this pic my outdoor white tiles have not been white in a very very long time. Between kids, the dog and the weather I have been unable to keep these clean and I really thought it was a lost cause. But then I tried your bicarb scrub and they are like brand new!!! I will post a pic in the comments of what they look like now. But thanks so much! I have tried every cleaner under the sun on these and nothing had worked until now!


I purchased a Zesty Rose air freshener the other day and thought I’d let you know what I think.  I have eczema and are very sensitive to most air fresheners, I love rose so I thought I’d give it a go and love love love the smell and it doesn’t set my eczema off!!! Which is amazing. So thank you and well done to someone finally concocting a worthy product, without all the nasty chemicals. I shall now work my way through some of your other products.


I bought your Ultimate Pack online and have started to use and was amazed. It smells so fresh and really works. My BBQ is so clean that I have removed the cover as it is shining. It is the first time I have been able to clean the front glass panel without leaving streaks. Furniture oil is amazing. Off to clean the shower tomorrow and looking forward to the results. Thank you for a great product.


Hi Kym, I just wanted to let you know that I found an interesting use for your Lemon twist air freshener! My daughter got Blue Tac all over her dark coloured school uniform skirt. I scraped off what I could with a butter knife, then sprayed the stain with the lemon air freshener (assuming it would work as a citrus cleanser). It dissolved the rest of the blue tac adhered to the fabric and then I followed with a gentle soap and hey presto! the blue tac and stain have disappeared! Thank you!


Just want to say how happy I am to find your beautiful, olde world smelling products! I love everything in the lemon/myrtle range ~ it\’s such a joy to use on every level, from bath wash to air freshener. it is the only scent and only product i will ever allow in my home. I have been using OURECO since my local IGA (North Melbourne) began stocking it . I am quietly spreading the word, …pat on the back again for your outstanding work. keep it up. Adrienne, one very VERY satisfied customer.


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